Broken hearts


I wish there was a glue which helped in mending broken hearts, broken relationships, broken trusts. Sometimes I feel a broken heart is a over rated or exaggerated phrase, because to be practical our heart doesn’t break cause if that happens, we will not be alive. So in my opinion we simply get detached to something, or someone and found ourselves in some other place, which we haven’t even thought of.

When we love someone, trust become the most obvious thing, we lay foundation on a set of beliefs. These beliefs become our world, everything starts revolving around those beliefs, and when these beliefs break, that moment we realize that the world we thought of never even existed. That moment our heart breaks, we come out of our fantasy world.  We are left alone, to fend for ourselves.

Never take such moment as an excuse, take it as an experience. Try to come out of the fantasy world, try to come out of the broken relationship. Figure out new ways to repair the damage. It will be very difficult, but its not impossible. Don’t just sit on it and suffer, your life cannot end just because something didn’t work out as expected. We never know what is there in store for us.

Remember the glue was invented to stick back the broken things together. And if there are not any broken things, the glue is a mere waste substance in this world. So, there exists a kind of glue for every broken thing, it just depends on us on how we find the right glue.

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